NASDAQ: A Promising Marketplace By the Office of Michael Quiel

Established more than four decades ago, the National Association of Securities Dealers Automated Quotation, or NASDAQ, serves as a worldwide market for securities trading. The market aims to give investors the opportunity to profit through its rapid, computerized exchange.

The Glowing NASDAQ Market Tower at Night Posted by Vacacion via flickr. Some rights reserved.

In February 1971, the market opened with quotes for 2,500 securities. Over the years, technology companies such as Microsoft, Cisco, Dell, Intel, Apple, and Oracle have gained prominence on the NASDAQ after the market gave them the chance to raise capital.

At present, NASDAQ runs two dozen markets and operates on six continents. Responsible for 10 percent of global securities transactions, the company trades equities, derivatives, commodities, fixed income, and options. The company merged with OMX in 2007 to form The NASDAQ OMX Group.

About Michael Quiel: A veteran investment banker, Legend Advisory Corporation owner and President Michael Quiel advises companies on going public on NASDAQ. Also serving as Manager of the Cayman Hedge Fund, Quiel acquires residential and commercial real estate as Managing Partner of Legend Asset Opportunity Master Fund.