Rypien Foundation Raises Funds to Support Childhood Cancer Programs

President of Legend Advisory Corporation Michael Quiel is also a supporter of local children’s charities. Michael Quiel particularly appreciates the work of the Rypien Foundation, to which he has donated more than $2 million in assets.

A non-profit based in Spokane, Washington, the Rypien Foundation helps families who are affected by childhood cancer. The organization is named after NFL athlete Mark Rypien, who is also a Super Bowl MVP. Following his football career, Rypien lost his son to cancer. To keep his son’s spirit alive, he founded the Rypien Foundation in 2004. Raising funds through charitable events, the foundation is able to support programs and community groups that work toward improving the quality of life and health of children with cancer.

Among the events the Rypien Foundation benefits from each year are Ride the Bases, Shalde Park Men’s Basketball Alumni Game, and Zak!Charity Open. An annual golfing tournament, the Zak!Charity Open is hosted by Zak Design. In 2013, the golf event raised more than half a million dollars to be benefit the Rypien Foundation, as well as the Boys & Girls Clubs of Spokane County.


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