The Zak!Charity Open Benefits Children’s Charities

Michael Quiel commands 23 years’ experience working in investments. He currently serves as a managing partner with Legend Asset Opportunity Master Fund, responsible for overseeing the Cayman Hedge Fund and for purchasing commercial and residential properties. In his personal life, Michael Quiel supports charitable efforts such as the Rypien Foundation, a beneficiary of the Zak!Charity Open.

Mark Rypien, an NFL player voted MVP of Super Bowl XXVII, founded the Rypien Foundation after losing his three-year-old son, Andrew, to cancer. Rypien, his colleagues, and volunteers raise funds to help children with cancer and their families and always appreciate the aid of charities such as Zak Designs.

Every year, Zak Designs hosts the Zak!Charity Open, a two-day golf extravaganza in Spokane, Washington. The annual event kicks off with a Summer Celebration dinner and special events such as an auction. Participants subsequently enjoy playing in two golf tournaments on following days. Since its founding 15 years ago, the Zak!Charity Open has raised $4.6 million for children’s charities, including the Rypien Foundation.

Zak Designs has announced plans for the 2015 Zak!Charity Open. On Sunday, July 26th, the Summer Celebration dinner and auction will take place at Northern Quest Resort & Casino. On Monday, the event moves to Spokane Country Club and Manito Golf & Country Club for the golf tournament.


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