How Make-a-Wish Grants Requests

Active in his Arizona community, financial executive Michael Quiel donates to the Make-a-Wish Foundation. Donations such as Michael Quiel’s have helped Make-a-Wish Arizona, the organization’s founding chapter, to grant more than 5,000 wishes to local children.

An international organization, Make-a-Wish grants requests from seriously ill children aged 2.5 to 18 years. The child may refer himself or herself to the organization, or a parent or medical professional may make the referral on the child’s behalf. Make-a-Wish then contacts the child’s physician to determine that he or she has received a life-threatening diagnosis.

If the child in question meets medical criteria and has not yet had a wish granted from a similar organization, that child may then make a request to Make-a-Wish. A dedicated wish team helps the child to think of the one wish that he or she most would like to see come true. The wish team uses this conversation to design a customized experience for the child. The process aims to make each wish experience as memorable, enjoyable, and life-changing as possible.


The Rypien Foundation – Fighting Childhood Cancer

Michael Quiel has a great deal of experience in the investment industry, having served almost 15 years as the president of Legend Advisory Corporation and over five years as a managing partner with Legend Asset Opportunity Master Fund. A donor to the Make-a-Wish Foundation and Friends of Robert Yamada, Michael Quiel is also a significant supporter of the Rypien Foundation, based in Spokane, Washington.

Founded by Super Bowl XXVI MVP Mark Rypien after he lost his young son to cancer, the Rypien Foundation is dedicated to creating calming environments for children battling cancer and to reducing the stress on their families. By following three key principles – to be the premier charity of its kind, to provide opportunities aligned with the Foundation’s vision and values, and to spread hope whenever possible – the organization seeks to fulfill its mission.

Financially, the Rypien Foundation is fortunate in having a group of underwriters that pays 100 percent of its operating costs. It raises additional funds through events like Ride the Bases and the Buehrle Golf Classic, in addition to donations from individuals and corporate partnerships. All proceeds therefore go to local initiatives and programs in the Inland Northwest addressing the needs of children with cancer.