The Rypien Foundation – Supporting Children with Cancer

Michael Quiel is the managing partner of the Legend Asset Opportunity Master Fund, where he consults with clients on financial strategies. Also a philanthropist, Michael Quiel has contributed more than $2 million in assets to the Rypien Foundation.

Organized by Mark Rypien, the MVP of Super Bowl XXVI, the Rypien Foundation supports families of children with cancer in the Inland Northwest, subsidizing programs that improve their quality of life and chances for recovery. It contributes 100 percent of funds raised through donations and special events to initiatives that directly benefit children battling cancer.

Since 2005, the Rypien Foundation has been a beneficiary of a fundraising golf tournament sponsored by Zak Designs, a maker of children’s tableware and mealtime products. In 2014, the Zak!Charity Open brought in a record $566,000 for the Rypien Foundation. The 2016 event will begin on Sunday, July 24 with a summer celebration dinner and auction at the Northern Quest Resort and Casino. The tournament will be held the next day at the Manito Golf and Country Club. Other events include a barbecue lunch and a VIP reception hosted by Mark Rypien himself.


Make-A-Wish Improves Children’s Quality of Life

Michael Quiel is the owner and president of Legend Advisory Corporation. In addition to his work at the consulting firm, Michael Quiel donates to several charities, including the Make-A-Wish Foundation.

Inspired by the belief that granting the wishes of children with serious illnesses improves their recovery, Make-A-Wish fulfills a dream every 37 minutes in America. Becca is one beneficiary of the Make-A-Wish Foundation’s efforts. She was born with a heart defect that led to pulmonary hypertension, an illness that raises blood pressure and weakens cardiac muscles and lung arteries, eventually causing heart failure and possible death.

When she was nine, Make-A-Wish made it possible for Becca to have her own playhouse. She designed her own building, with a front porch, shuttered windows, and a gabled roof. Becca was thrilled at having the fairy tale-like cottage in her backyard, and called it the “silver lining” of the difficulties she endured. Now 22, she has a pacemaker and may receive a heart-lung transplant. Her nieces and nephews enjoy the playhouse now. Grateful for her granted wish, she shares her story whenever possible.