Rypien Foundation Provides Dental Treatment through Smiles Program

Rypien Foundation pic

Rypien Foundation
Image: rypienfoundation.org

Michael Quiel leads Legend Advisory Corporation with more than 29 years of experience in the investment field. The company serves corporations of all sizes from its headquarters in Arizona. Outside of his obligations to the company, Michael Quiel supports the Rypien Foundation in assisting children and their families affected by childhood cancer. Initiatives operated by the Rypien Foundation include the Smiles Program.

The Smiles Program provides free orthodontic treatment plans to patients and survivors of pediatric cancer with the intention of preventing further health problems and boosting self-esteem. Funds provided by the program cover the hard costs for orthodontic treatment, and the foundation partners with a number of licensed orthodontists to create customized treatment plans for each child. Eligible patients are selected through recommendations by doctors and Rypien Foundation staff, and participation in the program is completely voluntary.

Successful execution of the program relies on the generosity of qualified local orthodontists who provide their services at no cost. Orthodontists currently enrolled in the Smiles Program include Dr. Bret Johnson, Dr. Stephanie Combs, Dr. Scott Ralph, and Dr. Diane Paxton, among five others. More information about the Smiles Program and other Rypien Foundation initiatives is available at rypienfoundation.org/beneficiaries/programs.


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