Make-A-Wish Debuts New Crowdfunding Platform


Make-A-Wish Foundation Arizona pic

Make-A-Wish Foundation Arizona

An investment banking professional with three decades of experience, Michael Quiel serves as president of Legend Advisory Corporation in Fountain Hills, Arizona. Away from his everyday responsibilities in the workplace, Michael Quiel has been a longtime supporter of Make-A-Wish, who recently unveiled a new platform to help make even more wishes become a reality.

Last April, Make-A-Wish rolled out an innovative new crowdfunding platform that allows generous individuals the opportunity to play a small part in helping a child suffering from a life-threatening illness fulfill his or her wish. The platform, dubbed WishMaker, was developed in a partnership with CrowdRise and works the same way as other prominent crowdfunding websites, allowing the general public to give any amount toward the cause.

During April, Wishmaker specifically raised money in a partnership with World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) to help children fulfill their WWE-centric wishes. Through the generous efforts of numerous donors through the platform, 39 children, as well as their families, were able to attend WrestleMania in Orlando, Florida.


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