About Michael Lawrence Quiel

Investment banking expert Michael Lawrence Quiel served in the military for four years before entering the finance industry. In 1981, Michael Lawrence Quiel enlisted in the United States Navy. Starting out as an E-1 Plane Captain for The Fighting Swordsmen Fighter Squadron VF-32, he washed and maintained F-14 fighter jets aboard the carrier USS Independence. During the summer of 1983, Michael Lawrence Quiel’s peers chose him to attend the Aviation Electronics School in Memphis, Tennessee. A tribute to his dedication and excellence in his field, Michael Lawrence Quiel was one of two sailors out of 350 who were given this coveted opportunity. Proving his talents in aviation, Michael Lawrence Quiel finished at the top of his class and earned recognition for achieving the highest scholastic average in the Aviation Electrician Mate Course in January 1984. In June, he furthered his training by completing the Naval Air Maintenance Training Group as well as a course in F-14A Electrical Connector/Wire Repair. Michael Lawrence Quiel then worked for Squadron VF-32 and completed another course, which resulted in his Petty Officer Indoctrination. Earning top recognition by the VF-32 squadron, Michael Lawrence Quiel added yet another award to his military career. Named Swordsman of the Month in October 1984 due to his extraordinary leadership and performance, Michael Lawrence Quiel continued to excel within his squadron. For the next year and a half, he serviced F-14 Fighters as an Electricians Mate in the Mediterranean Sea. Reaching the end of his service, Rear Admiral M.E. Chang issued Michael Lawrence Quiel a letter of commendation, honorably discharging him at a rank of E-5, the highest rank achievable in four years. Leaving the U.S. Navy as a decorated serviceman in 1985, Michael Lawrence Quiel later transitioned into a position as a stockbroker, beginning an equally impressive career in the financial industry. He currently serves as President of the financial consulting firm Legend Advisory Corporation.


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